History Of Irish Education System

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Identify the chief factors that determined Irish educational policy in the period 1832-1970 Religion –In 1831 the national school system was set up under control of the state. Managerial positions were given to Protestant and Catholic persons of repute.The agreement was in setting these schools up however, that the child’s religious beliefs were not to be tampered with. Neither denomination agreed with this as they saw schooling as an extension of pastoral care. There was a push for the schooling of children to be based around religious beliefs and values. The state soon complied with the demands of the Church to implement this. From 1922 to the 1960s there was a strong symbiotic relationship between Church and state, in education and beyond. The Catholic Church eventually became a power which exerted control over Irish children’s education. It had gained a strong foothold in the increasingly denominational national schools, with nuns and the Christian brothers providing a good moral education to Catholic children.The church refused to allow locals to become involved in educational affairs. Parents had virtually no rights concerning their children’s education. Although, the Church still held the majority of power. The Maynooth Resolution was set up by Catholic Bishops as a measure of protection for lay teachers; under it primary teachers could not be served with notice of dismissal by a manager unless he had sought and received the permission of his Bishop. Although, there was a weakness in this as evident in the Fanore School Case1914-1922. The Church continued to have an influence over the educational system, determining decisions around secondary and vocational schools. Identity – With the introduction of the Free state in 1922, the Irish government strived to foster a national identity for Ireland. The vision was that Ireland was independent, Gaelic and
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