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How have castles developed Castles have developed a lot from 1066 (battle of Hastings) to the 16th century when the civil war became too overpowered for castles to defend. They have developed from motte and baileys to manor houses, in this essay we will be talking about those castles and developments in attacking and defending. Castles were first built after William the conquerors conquest at the battle of Hastings, he did it to protect his people from the still hostile English Saxons, and castles were built near large cities and on the borders of wales and Scotland for protection against invasions from either country. They were also built near major trading routes to protect from attack. A good example of a castle on a border is Goodrich castle as it is protecting England from a welsh invasion. Motte and Bailey castles were the first type of castle built they were made entirely out of wood as it was a cheap option. An example of a Motte and Bailey is Clifford’s castle shown in picture A. The motte and bailey consisted of a moat; surrounding the castle to stop invaders reaching the palisade which was the wooden wall offering further protection. There was also a drawbridge to stop or allow people to get in, but there was a major flaw as the wood needed to be replaced often due to the rain and erosion, also the whole castle was made out of wood so they could have been easily set on fire. There were two distinctive features of this castle: the Motte and the Bailey, the motte was a mound of earth with steep sides and a flat area on top which held the keep. The bailey was the flat courtyard at the bottom of the motte this is where important people and soldiers lived and was extra defence before the enemy’s reach the keep. The Motte and Bailey castle progressed in defences with defenders moving in to the keep and setting alight the stairs so they couldn’t reach it, they

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