History; Hitler's Rule in Germany

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SECTION A (Source-Based Case Study) Question 1 is compulsory. Hitler’s Rule in Germany Study the sources carefully, and then answer all the questions. In answering the questions, you should use your knowledge and understanding of the period to help you in interpret and evaluate the sources. You must use the sources to which you are specifically directed, but you may use any of the other sources where they are helpful. 1. (a) Study Source A. What was the purpose of this poster? Explain your answer. [6 marks] (b) Study Source B. Does this source prove that Hitler made use of the German youth? Explain your answer. [6 marks] (c) Study Source E. ‘This source is Russian and therefore biased. So it is of no value to a historian studying Nazi Germany.’ How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. [6 marks] (d) Study all sources. ‘Nazi control was maintained through propaganda.’ How far do these sources support this view? Explain your answer. [6 marks] Source A A 1942 Soviet poster reads: "The Big Three will tie the enemy in knots." Source C For months we have been suffering under the torture of a problem, which the Versailles Diktat created - a problem that has deteriorated until it becomes intolerable for us. Danzig was and is a German city. The Corridor was and is German. Both these territories owe their cultural development exclusively to the German people. Danzig was separated from us, the Corridor was annexed by Poland. As in other German
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