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Title: Hip Hop Topic: The History of Hip Hop Music General Purpose: To inform the audience on the history of hip hop. Specific Purpose: To show the audience the historical aspects of hip hop and it’s culture. Introduction I. Attention-getting device: How many of you listen to rap music? II. Relevance to the audience: Even if you don’t listen to rap music I’m quite sure that you’ve heard rap music before or have seen a rap video. If not you may have ran across one of many news stories on rap music or a rap artist. III. Ethos: Rap music happens to be one genre that I Have great love for, old school, and the new. I’ve also done some research and looked a few web sites. IV. Thesis: Rap music is one of the most criticized and controversial genres there is, in order to have a better understanding of it you should know its history. V. Preview of Main Points: Rap is a form of expression that is rooted deep within ancient African culture and oral tradition. Rap Originated in The Bronx, NY in the 1970’s. At first the reciting of rhymes started off as a DJ chanting over the instrumental or percussion sections of the day’s popular songs at night clubs and parties. So now let me tell you a little background information about rap and where and how it originated. BODY I. Background Information. Where and How Rap Originated? A. If you ask most people to give a definition of “rap” they’re most likely going to tell you that’s it’s the reciting of rhymes over a beat. It’s actually a form of expression that is rooted deep within ancient African culture and oral tradition. Here in America there has always been a form of verbal acrobatics within the African American community. Hip Hop is the culture from which rap emerged. The hip hop culture consisted of Grafitti Art, Break Dancing, Djing and Emceeing ( now known as rap). B. Rap originated in The Bronx, NY in the

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