History Guided By A Promise Essay

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OVERVIEW OF THE OLD TESTAMENT Tonjia Raggs Randall Weisberg Grand Canyon University BIB 113 11-1-2009 Overview Of The Old Testament To begin this essay, the reader will acknowledge the Old Testament history outline. The history will include the dates of the eras, a brief description of the major events in these eras, and some important world events that coincide with the events recorded in the Old Testament. A Brief Outline –Old Testament History Genesis 1-11 Creation –Flood –Abram. Creation -man in the fruitful plain of Eden -man disobeys God and is forced to leave His haven -the struggle to survive -jealousy between Cain and Abel –Cain murders Abel –he is expelled to ‘the land of wandering’ under God’s protection –civilization begins to develop –the list of patriarchs representing the time from Adam to Noah –Man incurs God’s wrath –God’s judgment in the Flood –the growth of nations –man establishes empires and languages become diversified –the list of patriarchs leading to Abram Genesis 12-50 Abram called by God –receives God’s promise of being a blessing to the world –has vivid experiences of God –adventures in the promise Land –Isaac-Jacob –Jacob produces 12 sons, the ‘children of Israel’ –Joseph becomes premier of Egypt –the 12 and their households saved from famine by entering Egypt under Joseph’s protection Exodus 1-19 Israel enslaved in Egypt –Moses raised up a deliverer –plagues on Egypt –Israel escape –miraculous crossing of the Sea of Reeds –Egyptian pursuit thwarted by God –journey through the wilderness –provision of food and water by God –reach Mount Sinai Exodus 20

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