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Kaitlyn Hickey Gnomes have existed since the 1800s. A gnome resembles a small old man with a long white beard and is said to live underground (Watson). The first clay German garden gnome was made in Graeferoda, Thuringia. It was called “der Gartenzwerg.” The first recorded arrival of a garden gnome in England was in 1840 at the estate of Sir Charles Isham in Lamport Hall. Philip Griebel and August Heissner were the first to produce gnomes in quantity in 1872 (“History Gnomes”). “One of the surviving gnomes from Isham’s garden is on display at the Isham estate and is insured for one million pounds sterling” (“History Garden”). One might ask, what is the purpose of gnomes? Gnomes were to watch over crops and livestock. They were thought to provide protection, “especially of buried treasure and minerals in the ground” (“History Gnomes Love”). Farmers thought of gnomes as a good luck charm that could help their fields produce more and protect them from thieves and pests. A gnome “adds a bit of whimsy and a connection to the old world” (“History Gnomes Love”). One might see a gnome nowadays hidden in the rafters of a barn or in a garden (“History…show more content…
There are three general categories of gnomes that are divided by activity. There is the “worker gnome (tools from the field such as a pick ax, spade, or watering can), the leisure gnome (usually equipped with pipe or fishing rod… in relaxed position), and the culture gnome (shows interest in culture and education with things like books and musical instruments)” (“Garden Gnomes”). Some of the designs the new garden gnomes were influenced by the Disney portrayal of gnomes as delightful characters with different features and personalities. “These modern gnomes were designed with appealing facial features and were shown engaging in a variety of activities”

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