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How did the Tsarist Regime of Nicholas 2 survive the 1905 revolution The 1905 Revolution was the culmination of the dissatisfaction of Russia’s population with its’ government. Russia’s loss in the Russo – Japanese War when Russians considered themselves militarily, economically and racially superior to the Japanese had left Russian humiliated with their government and military’s’ incompetence. Peasants were afraid that the government was going to repossess the houses of those who had failed to pay off the mortgages taken out in post – emancipation years, there was also agitation over the repeated bad harvests of the 1890’s. Industrial workers were revolting because of dissatisfaction with the living and working conditions – living areas were overcrowded, salaries were small and laws passed by the government to protect workers were not always followed. Lastly, lower ranks of the army were made of peasants who obviously did not want to attack their own kind, there was also growing agitation about the military’s’ gruesome living conditions . Strikes and demonstrations of pre 1905 were always the result of economic and no political factors. It was the Tsarist Regime’s bad policies and reactions (such as the suppression of revolters on Bloody Sunday that lead to the death of 1000 people) that made 1905s’ revolution a direct challenge to the Tsars’ authority. The Russian Government was now facing ‘the most united opposition in Romanov history’, in the form of millions of Peasants in the countryside and liberals and urban workers in the cities. The Tsarist Regime of Nicholas 2 survived the revolution through simultaneous concession and suppression. The government first appeased the liberals by accepting their proposition of a legislative duma and by promising to introduce a range of civil rights such freedom of speech and the legalization of trade unions. It
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