History(Effect of Enlightenment on Revolutions of 18th Century)

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Focus question: In what ways were American Revolution, French revolution and 17th century British Revolutions alike? In what ways were they different? AOI: Community and Service (I’ve chosen C&S as my AOI because in this essay I am going to talk about the differences and similarities between French and American Revolution and the difference is mostly based on the way community represented it.) The enlightenment on revolutions in 18th century was a move in European and American philosophy in 18th century. The term “enlightenment” represented the idea that reason should be the beginning point on which the authority should be established. The enlightenment started in France, Britain and Germany, it effected whole Europe, Russia and Scandinavia also. This period is also famous for changes in political system. The two documents (The Bill of Rights and Declaration of The Rights of Man and the Citizen) have a lot of similarities and differences. The biggest similarities are, mainly, that they effected the period of the enlightenment and American declaration of Independence. The Bill of Rights was a declaration of law who was firstly signed by William III of England on 13. February 1689. The Bill of Rights states that the king has not the privilege to make decisions about the low all by himself without consulting the parliament; and without parliaments confirmation no decisions couldn’t be applied. It also stated that the king wasn’t excluded from the law, everything that a normal citizen could be charged with, so could the king; also the king, if send to jail or punished, he would take the full punishment. So basically the king had no rights to make decisions of his own on the country without the confirmation of the parliament. The Declaration of The Rights of Man and the Citizen (La Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du citoyen) is the primary document of the
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