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Macias Sylvia L/ST 471 November 28, 2012 Teaching History Through Inquiry U.S. history, the fundamental part of California’s History State Standards for fifth and eighth grade, requires analysis, thought, and sources, for students to learn and properly use information. The content must not only be information they memorize and “spit” back out in a multiple choice exam, but must emphasize more on the integration of primary sources, analyzing them, and cross referencing them, to come up with reasoning behind U.S history. The thought process required in learning U.S history takes dedication and a great deal of work on behalf of the teacher and student, but this is the sort of learning that prepares students to be contributing citizens and better prepared college students. Teachers and educators for fifth and eighth grade must use inquiry based learning in order to better convey U.S. history content in the classroom. When it comes to teaching fifth and eighth grade history, teachers face a dilemma between digging deep into content or simply skimming through the standards and having students memorize “important” names, dates, and wars, that do not relate and most importantly mean nothing to them. The content for California’s History State Standards for fifth and eighth grade covers U.S American history from Pre-Columbian times beginning in the fifth grade and ending with the U.S Constitution. In the eighth grade, students learn about America a few years before the Constitution and end with the Reconstruction in America. Eighth grade covers from 1777 to 1900. It is an immense load of work on both ends of the spectrum and several times, teachers find themselves using the textbook as their only source to teach American history, which in many cases does not give students space to think about other historical possibilities and leaves

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