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AZTECS I. Introduction A) Aztecs killed thousands a month for sacrifice. B) What should history say about the Aztecs? C) History should say about the Aztecs that they were a very creative and organized empire that had a genius system of irrigation called chinamps. D) I will write about the politics/power, economy, and sacrifice. II. Support Paragraph #1: Politics and Power A) Aztecs conquered a vast territory. B) Three supporting details and document numbers 1) As described by document 1, the Aztecs conquered a lot of land fast. 2) Stated in document 2, the Aztecs centered there cites around an eagle perched on a cactus. 3) Shown in document 3, the Aztec king wanted the Aztecs to appear strong in the view of other eyes, so they burned documents that would tarnish that reputation. III. Support Paragraph #2: Economy A) Aztecs were well organized and creative with their foods and goods. B) Three supporting details and document numbers 1) As shown in document 10, the Aztecs had a steady flow of goods from conquered city/states. 2) As depicted in document 8, the Aztecs devised a genius irrigation system called chinamps where they had just thousands of little islands of harvest. 3) As shown in document 9, everyone had a role to play in the harvesting and making of food, the men had their picking of the harvest, and the woman of the making of the corn in to many other foods. IV. Support Paragraph #3: Sacrifice A) Aztecs would sacrifice thousands a month for rituals. B) Three supporting details and document numbers 1) As stated in document 6, prisoners were taken to be sacrificed by taking out there hearts, and rolling there dead bodies down the steps two thousand three hundred men were killed that day. 2) As described in document 5, even the most adored people were sacrificed or dismembered in public view 3) As stated
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