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History Coming Alive Have you ever wondered where you came from or what your past generations were like? How did you become the person you are today? One can find information on our ancestors by using the process of genealogy. Looking into the past lives of our ancestors before us can be fun for all ages. Many of our ancestors were the first open heart surgeon and some were common ice truck drivers or cotton pickers. For some people genealogy is the thrill of the little things they find, like pictures or knowing that their ancestor was third in command under George Washington. Genealogy can give one a sense of peace and fill the void within one self. When researching genealogy you can hit plenty of brick walls, some of which are parents that were not really your parents at all but a person that took you in when something happen to your biological parents. Brick walls can also happen when paper work has been destroyed by fire or water damaged. Some of these things can put stress on you till you get past what you are looking for. It has also been proven that men and woman have married more than once to another family member of their spouse. Say if a wife died in childbirth, her sister might marry her husband to help with the children…show more content…
So many things can be found in local libraries, online web pages and coming right form the resource ones ancestor. Knowing some of the small things can lead to so much more, about ones family whenever possible write down the family event, weddings, births and deaths in the family. One is not trying to become a history major, just gathering knowledge of our past generations. Genealogy is history coming alive, so that you will also have a successful family history for future

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