History Case Study Ib

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The goals for the Korean War was to Put an end to communism "Domino Effect". The US did not want to start a war with North Korea because they knew it would start another World War. They give South Korea enough weapons to defend themselves but not attack. They divide Korea at the 38th parallel. Truman will not use the A-bomb. War continues to 1953 by the death of Stalin and 55,000 Americans will die. Khrushchev served as head of the Party in Moscow city and province.In 1950, Khrushchev began a large-scale housing program for Moscow.The New York Times listed Malenkov and Beria first and second among the ten-man Presidium—and Khrushchev last.In September, Khrushchev was elected by the Central Committee as First Secretary of the Party. In 1955 Khrushchev set up the Warsaw Pact – a military alliance of Communist countries – to rival NATO. Pact countries had detailed plans of how to wage nuclear war against NATO if there was a war. End of the Korean conflict put much stress on the east and west relationship because of the tension between communism and anti-communism. The Geneva Conference (April 26 – July 20, 1954[1]) was a conference which took place in Geneva, Switzerland, whose purpose was to attempt to find a way to unify Korea and discuss the possibility of restoring peace in Indochina.[2] The Soviet Union, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the People’s Republic of China were participants throughout the whole conference while different countries concerned with the two questions were also represented during the discussion of their respective questions. The part of the conference on the Korean question ended without adopting any declarations or proposals. On Indochina, the conference produced a set of documents known as the Geneva Accords. These agreements separated Vietnam into two zones, a northern zone to be governed by the Viet Minh, and a
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