The History Of Body Piercings

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Some people believe that body piecing is a form of bodily modification that is fairly new to this world, but research shows, that it is a ancient form of art with meaning and reasoning beyond what is known today. Different cultures have used body piercings in many different ways throughout history. This essay will show that different cultures have used body piercing in many different forms, for example there are the Romans, the Egyptians, and the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Research will help to clarify some of the more distinct ways each of these civilizations used body modification and the different uses for them. According to this website, (2003-2007), “The Romans used body piercings only with a purpose.” Men would pierce their nipples to symbolize power and strength. To many men this was shown as their dedication and badge of honor towards the Roman Empire. This piercing also showed their loyalty to Caesar, who also had his nipples pierced. According to the article, The Piercing Temple: Body Piercing History, gladiators would insert a ring into the head of their penis' and attach it to their scrotum in order to tuck it back and avoid serious injury to their bodies. (Morrison, Cheyenne, 1998). The Egyptians on the other hand used body piercings to “reflect status and love of beauty” (Lucy Roberts, September 12, 2004). The earliest known remains of a human that was pierced dates back to over 5,000 years ago. In the Egyptian culture only royalty was allowed to have navel piercing and any other “common” folk who attempted to have their navels pierced were sentenced to death since this was thought of as unacceptable behavior. Since ear piercings were considered a sign of wealth, if an Egyptian woman had both her navel and ears pierced she was considered to be of great beauty and of extreme wealth, which was not very common within the

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