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Jeremy Whittaker History President Hoover faced The Great Depression during the first 8 months as president. He believed the government should serve all people. Hoover preached the notion of action before words. He was an optimist believing volunteerism and that Americans shouldn't rely on the government but instead self sacrificing civic minded people. His message to the public was for them to have a more positive attitude, do not fear borrowing, lending, spending, and investing. He urged the public that the economic conditions would stabilize. Hoover upon becoming president felt that the free enterprise system was flawed. He believed in balanced budgets and that they could fix the failures of the free enterpise system. However his failure to construct a better free enterprise system lead to his demise. His spending was a big reason in his failure. Hoover doubled the amount of spending on public works. Public works programs saw and increase of spending which went from $248,000,000 to $423,000,000. Hoover signed an act on July 22, 1930 for homeowners who are can't get loans from any private sources. This act lent homeowners $125,000,000. Hoover wasnt done spending he also signed an act that gave two billion dollars in loans to states for local relief and public works. Hoover believed that the poor or the less well off shouldn't have to pay taxes. In 1932 the Hoover administration tax bill was created. The bill raised taxes all across the board. The top income jumped from 25% to 63% and the lowesr tax rate went from 1.1% to 4%. The bill also included a 2 cent tax on all bank checks. This was put in place to help balance budgets but the depression caused income taxed to plummet. Hoover failed to convey his message for numberous of reasons. Many believed he lacked crisma and rhetoric and often had a sad demeanor. However his true failure was not replacing the

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