History and Scope of Practice Essay

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History and scope of practice Massage therapy involves pressing a body with hands, feet, fingers, elbows or a device specifically made for massage to relieve a person for stress and relaxing the tension from their muscles. The exact origin of massage is not yet known however it has been found in many civilizations including China, India, Japan, Egypt, Korea. Massage therapy has evolved over the years and today it s considered as a highly respected method of healing and reducing stress. [Natural healer (2015)]. Over the years Massage therapy has been practiced by different people of different countries in different ways, the basic concept of massage remains the same as before however its usage has changed over the years. In early ages in India it was believed that individuals come in contact with different diseases when they do not follow the laws of nature and to be able to live happily they need to make peace with their surroundings and follow the laws of nature. In China the message therapy was considered necessary for the spiritual yoga training and hence it was developed by the combined efforts of doctors, Buddhists and people who used to practice martial arts. Reflexology which is also a part of massage therapy is believed to have originated in Egypt where pressure is applied on different parts of hands and feet which results in beneficial effect on the human body. In Greece Athletes used to have massage therapies to keep themselves fit in the competitions, it was also realized that with the use of medication and some oils this method of relaxation can be made even more effective and can restore the body to a healthy state. [Natural Healers (2015). Massage Therapy has developed continuously over the years and now it is also taught in different schools and hospitals as a part of primary healthcare. The message therapy industry is continuously increasing and

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