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History and Making of the Violin Essay

  • Submitted by: annajts
  • on October 3, 2013
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Music Research

History & Making
of the
History & Making
of the

Anna Thornton-Smith M.S.3.10
Anna Thornton-Smith M.S.3.10

I have chosen to research the history and making of the violin, the main sub questions are:
  1. What was the first Violin ever made? How was it made? When was it made?
  2. Why do the old Violins sound much better than the modern day Violins?
  3. Who created the Violin?
  4. The most famous Violin maker?
These sub questions will ensure I cover all the historical information about how and who and when the violin was created.
I will use resources such as books from different library’s, YouTube for interviews, Google for researching main points and ideas, my violin teacher who will give me some background history from her point of view and experience as she has played since a very young age to an extremely high level.
Planning will be completed by using brainstorming to ensure structure, working through my action plan checklist for my framework.   This will ensure I cover all the areas stated above.
I will use my knowledge about violins especially what I have learnt since I started playing the violin 7 years ago.

What was the first Violin ever made? How was it made? When was it made?
The Violin making process contains tools such as saws, chisels, files, glue and planes to create the Violin.  
The back and the belly of the Violin are made from quarter-sawn wood from a Maple tree log.   Each segment is cut in half to dry out which makes it less likely to split.   The halved segment is then cut again in half again to make to separate halves.   Later the two halves are glued together by the longest piece of the edge in which the back and the belly are started to get made. There is no official ingredient used to create the varnish which is visible on the top layer of the Violin as history says that the particular ingredients are highly likely no longer available....

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