History And Homosexuality Essay

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History and science have lent a great many perspectives on homosexuality. History shows us that same sex relationships have existed as long as culture. Scientific exploration has directed us to look farther than the sex organs to understand sexuality. Both history and science helped to shape the way homosexuals perceive themselves, and their ability to share themselves with others. Historically, homosexuality has appeared in cultures for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, it was commonplace for men to have sexual relationships with adolescent boys. In Greek society, sexual orientation and desire was not dictated by sexual partnership. Hundreds of years later in Roman society, same sex relationships drew the attention of the Christians who declared it an abomination and began forming the opinion that homosexuality is a sin. In the city of Florence, in the 1400’s, began the first “legal” movement against who they called “sodomites”. The city officials became so obsessed with these “sinners” that they started the “Office of the Night” to seek out sodomites for investigation and judgment. Punishments were typically fined rather than put in any type of imprisonment. History has forced homosexual individuals for thousands of years to feel dirty or wrong about their feelings. Christian principle on homosexuality seeped in to law making, and criminalization of homosexual relations resulted. In western society Christianity has long been the dominant religion, and along with it, it’s views on homosexuality. Throughout history, as feelings against homosexuality have grown stronger, homosexuals have been forced to feel shame about who they are. Scientific studies have discovered that sexual orientation may very well run in families. Genetic research studies have produced results in twin studies that show that sets of identical male twins, over 50% of the twins with a gay
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