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1.The main aspects of society that needed reform were slavery, women’s right and the abolition of prisons. The reformers were middle class Americans. 2.Ralph Waldo’s idea on transcendentalism is an intellectual rooted in the religious soil of New England . The first advocates were Unitarian ministers from well to do New England families who questioned their puritan heritage. Ralph Waldo Emerson message of transcendtalism was a message of self realization. 3.Emerson influenced American literature by him writing “The American Scholar.” Emerson issued a literacy declaration of independence. Emerson urged American writers to free themselves from the “courtly muse.” He said instead Americans should celebrate democracy and individual freedom and should find inspiration in the experiences of ordinary Americans. 4.The utopian movement was in which people moved to make their own communities. These reformers hoped these planned societies which organized life in new ways would allow people to realize their spiritual potential. There was several groups that participated in this practice, one of the main groups were the shakers and brook farm. 5.Life in the cities of America during this time was not good. Cities were over grown and death rates were rising. The differences I see in the urban dwellers and utopians are the utopians were more spiritual and have fewer followers. Thee urban dwellers wanted to go to the city and start a life. The utopians wanted to be secluded and have a perfect life. 6.David walker was a free black man from North Carolina who moved to Boston . In Boston David Walker sold secondhand clothes and Freedom’s Journal. Nat Turner was a slave in Southampton country, virgina. Nat Turner led a revolt against slave owners and killed 55 whites. The significance of Nat Turners actions was that there were stricter laws on slavery in the south. The virgina

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