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How the Other Half Lives http://www.cis.yale.edu/amstud/inforev/riis/title.html HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES The Hypertext Edition STUDIES AMONG THE TENEMENTS OF NEW YORK BY JACOB A. RIIS WITH ILLUSTRATIONS CHIEFLY FROM PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY THE AUTHOR Contents NEW YORK CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS 1890 1 of 1 1/18/06 6:25 AM Contents http://www.cis.yale.edu/amstud/inforev/riis/contents.html HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES About the Hypertext Edition Title Page Preface List of Illustrations Introduction I. Genesis of the Tenements II. The Awakening III. The Mixed Crowd IV. The Down Town Back-Alleys V. The Italian in New York VI. The Bend VII. A Raid on the Stale-Beer Dives VIII.The Cheap Lodging-Houses IX. Chinatown X. Jewtown XI. The Sweaters of Jewtown 1 of 1 CONTENTS. XII. The Bohemians--Tenement-House Cigarmaking XIII. The Color Line in New York XIV. The Common Herd XV. The Problem of the Children XVI. Waifs of the City's Slums XVII. The Street Arab XVIII. The Reign of Rum XIX. The Harvest of Tare XX. The Working Girls of New York XXI. Pauperism in the Tenements XXII. The Wrecks and the Waste XXIII. The Man with the Knife XXIV. What Has Been Done XXV. How the Case Stands Appendix 1/18/06 6:25 AM List of Illustrations http://www.cis.yale.edu/amstud/inforev/riis/illustrations.html LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. Gotham Court Hell's Kitchen and Sebastopol Tenement of 1863, for Twelve Families on Each Flat Tenement of the Old Style. Birth of the Air-Shaft At the Cradle of the Tenement-- Doorway of an Old-Fashioned Dwelling on Cherry Hill Upstairs in Blindman's Alley An Old Rear-Tenement in Roosevelt Street In the Home of an Itaian Rag-Picker, Jersey Street The Bend Bandit's Roost Bottle Alley Lodgers in a Crowded Bayard Street Tenement-"Five Cents a Spot" An All-Night Two-Cent Restaurant in

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