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The population of Liberia is 3,685,076 people. The purpose of the settlement of Liberia was to provide a place for free people of African descent. The original inhabitants were African-American settlers who arrived in 1822. Many of the early immigrants were born free and were well educated. The ethnic group found mainly in Liberia now is the Kpelle. The men in this country live to be on average 56 while the women live to be about 58. Liberian people do have a series of social classes ranging from rich to poor. The people higher in rank are part of the civilized class, or “kwi”. This status entitles the person to speak some English, be a Christian, and have a certain degree of literacy. The government of Liberia is a republic. The power rests in the hands of the citizens who can vote for their representatives. Their constitution is somewhat like the one of the United States. They have a separation of power among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. (Armstrong 266-273) The official language of Liberia is English, or slightly different forms of English. Most of the population is bilingual and can speak some of the other languages present such as French. The main religions are Christianity followed by Muslim. There is a small about of the country that does not have a religion. There is not a lot of formal education offered. Kids are given many chores at a young age and are expected to learn things such as farming through experience and visual learning. There are some schools in certain areas that offer education in history and genealogy. There are also mission schools that aim for the conversion of people to certain religion. There is a University of Liberia, but access is limited. Many people send their children to Europe or the United States on foreign scholarships. A custom shared among all Liberians is the popular meal of rice served with garnishes

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