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Name: Brittney Hudson Date: January 10, 2013 Territory: Jamaica School: Merl Grove High School Year: 2014 Centre #: 100076 Candidate #: 100076-1239 Rationale Initially the researcher selected this theme “The Indigenous People and the Europeans” because I thought that this theme will be much of an easier task and a question was structured. From this investigation the researcher learnt about the similarities and differences relating to the religion, culture, beliefs and customs of the Mayan’s and Taino’s. The researcher have learnt to express her own point of view and have developed more knowledge and understanding in the topic. 3 Introduction The aspects that will be examined in this topic is the religion, culture, Beliefs, customs and practices of the Taino’s and the Mayans in the pre- Colombian period. This study will demonstrate the substantial similarities and differences between the Mayan’s and Taino’s society. 2 Were there many similarities and differences, among the Maya and Taino in the pre-Colombian period? In the pre- Colombian period the Taino’s and Mayan’s had their similarities and differences. There are some similarities between the Taino’s and the Mayan’s. The Mayan’s and Taino’s had a Polytheistic belief system, this meant that they worshipped many Gods. They both believed in animal, food and human sacrifices. The Taino’s and Mayan’s placed significance on communicating with their dead ancestors and believe that they were useful in the prediction of the future. The Mayan’s and Taino’s lived in extended family

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