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12/02/2014 Ahreum Lee Essay 1 The Constitution of Texas Most US states have their own constitutions, just like the American Constitution. The Constitution defines the state or country as an entity and is the foundation of the laws of the country or state. They usually define the basic rights of the citizens and the workings of the government. The Texas Constitution of 1876 is very detailed and affects the citizens of Texas in several ways. In many ways I think that the Texas Constitution is more reliable, and in a sense, better than the U.S. Constitution, nevertheless there are positive and negative aspects. What are the positive aspects of the Texas constitution? The first, a longer, more detailed Bill of Rights (in comparison to the U.S. Bill of Rights) including an equal rights provision prohibiting sex discrimination not found in the U.S. Constitution. Second, the fiscal limits on state government (on taxing, spending, and borrowing) have contributed to Texas having a comparatively low tax burden. The last positive aspects is that stronger local government puts power closer to the people and makes it relatively easier for people to influence decisions at the grassroots level. Also, what the criticisms of the Texas constitution? People says that a weak governor sharing power with an elected plural executive has badly fragmented executive power and a part time, inadequately compensated Legislature with excessive constitutional restrictions is limited in its ability to legislate effectively. Also, An excessively long, (76,000 words as of January 1996) overly detailed constitution contains matters that should be left to the Legislature and large amounts of trivia that do not belong in a constitution. Numerous amendments (369 as of January 1996) are constantly added (and, often required) due to the constant need to amend the numerous statutory matters in the

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