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History 1301-IM1 I find it very interesting that it was not a large number of slaves that were taken on the first record of slaves taken, as I would have imagined the number to be much larger. It is hard to believe that the whole slavery trade was stemmed off of the first ten Africans taken while trading for gold dust. I would have never thought that the trading of Africans was done mostly by other Africans for other goods. It is a wonder that Henry the Navigator had twelve Africans brought to him, not to be slaves, but to be on exhibit like some sort of zoo. It is mind boggling to think that over fifty-four thousand trips were made for human trafficking. I think the African slavery worked so well in the Americas, was unlike the Native American, the Africans brought here had no knowledge of the land or surroundings to flee, and if they were to flee, they would not know how to survive in the strange land they were brought. The Virginia Company of London got investors by having the means to send money or volunteering to go be, “planters”, basically slaves until they worked enough years to buy the right to have their own land and crops. I think that the investors that funded Jamestown were naive in thinking that they would get quick returns on the money they invested. To expect such quick returns in a land varying so different from Europe was wishful thinking on the investor’s part. The settlers were being sent to a completely different environment than Europe, with almost none of the knowledge of the European climate being applicable to help the settler’s progress as a colony in the new land. During the main start of the colony both poor Europeans and Africans were used as workers, but the land owners weren’t looking for short term workers anymore. As a profit stand point, the colonist decided correctly in the decision to stop hiring people and just resort to

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