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Role Model assessment final paper. My councillor has influenced my life in many different ways, to me she’s my world, A best friend and like a sister to me I can tell her anything and everything no matter what the situation is she’s always there to help me. She’s super sweet, she helped me through a lot and for that now I can believe in myself for so many things and actually feel confident like before I couldn’t even face any of my fears but everyone needs a person in life who boosts you out there and pushes u through hell just to be back in heaven she’s like an angel always helping those who really need help… She helps a lot of young children to old teens, she always has amazing news she shares like your improvements and how you’re doing which is nice to know you’re doing fine and that little spot is fading inside you, The effect she has on me is very personal because I can tell her everything and she will listen and always be there for me she was helping me through a very rough time. I’ve shared so many bad moments with this amazing women her name is Cassie, She’s outstanding Cassie helped me through the worst time in my life so far everything I tell her Cassie keeps to herself you know the things you just can’t spit out into the wild? She helped when I was at a manic faze nothing was better nothing than talking to her. Everything was turning inside out and I got out of control I hated it, People would look at me funny, Like why is she here…I felt like an outsider. To tell you the truth I’m recovering from everything and everyone. Cassie helped me so much, But I got worse, Never been that bad never wanted to talk to anyone about anything the way I felt and the crazy things I did that night, I drank and drank and drank, and for me it was bad at the time because I hadn’t had drank before let alone drank that much, as well to find out I was moving, moving away

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