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112 Dr. Kern. Autumn, 2010 First Paper Topic Write ten paragraphs (5-6 double-spaced pages; 1500-1800 words) on the historical significance of Zola’s treatment of the industrial revolution and class conflict in Germinal. The subject matter of each paragraph is specified in the remainder of this paper assignment. Read it carefully and follow these instructions precisely. You will be marked down for sentences and paragraphs that are off topic and not responsive to this assignment. You will be graded on substance as well as writing, which, incidentally, I regard as inseparable. If a sentence does not make sense, it is deficient in substance as well as mechanics. You must include at least 4 direct quotations from the novel. Give the page number in parentheses in the text after the last word of the sentence but before the period. No footnotes or endnotes. Choose your quotations carefully to be most effective. The ten paragraphs must do the following. 1. Introduce Zola and his novel. The first sentence should answer the questions–when, where, who, what. The last sentence of the first paragraph should be your thesis statement. It should also set up the main organization of your paper and, if possible, include a word that works as a transition to the first sentence of your second paragraph. This last sentence of the first paragraph will give you fits. Write it carefully, because it is the key to your paper. 2. Definition of the nature of the industrial revolution and the social and economic problems it created for the middle classes and capitalists but especially for the workers–problems that Zola’s novel addresses. This paragraph may also draw on the textbook. For this paragraph see Coffin, pages 673-85, 689-96. 3. Survey the political problems of the miners who had no labor organizations, little political awareness, and no political voice.

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