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My History, Western History: Korea and Germany Some people say history repeats itself. I was uncertain of what it means until I remember the stories my grandpa used to tell me. Ruminating on the stories that I heard when I was a child, I am quite familiar with what my ancestors have gone through. My grandpa, who was a Korean War veteran, lifted up his right leg and showed me a scar, which was wounded by a bullet. The stories were priceless, filling me up with interests. I could sense how intense it was back then, during the war, when he had to abandon his town and friends to escape from the North and cross the 38th parallel to settle in the South part of Korea just for his descendants to have a better life. He was a wealthy man with ships and servants before the war, but as he crossed the line, he had to start a new life from the bottom. According to him, life in South Korea after the war was miserable. Its economy had collapsed to the very bottom, being one of the poorest countries in the world. Then I recognized the similar situation that a different country had gone through in Western Europe. It was Germany. In addition to learning the Western history in class, I was able to tie with many intriguing facts and similarities that Korea and Germany shared in common during the 1900s during and after the WW II and the fact that similar history has been written between these two. For a fact, these two countries have a gloomy and unforgettable history that will never be recovered, but also will be remembered. According to my grandpa’s stories and the Western history I learned, I concluded that Germany and Korea had many similarities in involvement in a war because of dictatorship, interference of other countries, which eventually made separation of their territories, and finally their resilient economy. Kim Il Sung, the leader of North Korea, and Adolf Hitler,

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