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Friday January 10th 2014 Canada’s great History Have you ever wondered what kind of country Canada would be and what its economy would be like if none of the historical events that we study today had occurred? There are many important events In Canadian history and three that are greatly important to study are the battle of Vimy Ridge’ the Canadian Bill of Rights, and The Baby Boom. All three events are very important and will forever be important in Canadian history. The first event in Canadian history that is important to study is Vimy Ridge. Vimy Ridge is important because it’s a defining moment in Canadian history. The reason why it is a defining moment is because it was the first great Canadian victory where the underestimated Canadian troops conquered the German arm. Vimy Ridge was a great victory but a controversial question is weather or not the British army believed that the Canadians would actually defeat Germany? No the British and French underestimated the Canadians to the fullest and had tried to take over Vimy Ridge but failed so they thought they would give the Canadians a chance. Even though the Canadians managed to defeat the Germans Vimy Ridge was very hard to take over it was a huge hill that had the enemies at the top trying to attack. The Piech 2 capture of Vimy Ridge had a huge significant impact by creating the first step to Canada becoming a country and not a colony of Britain. It also gave the Canadians there own military and was a step in growth of Canada’s pride and nationalism. Without the capture of Vimy Ridge I do not think Canada would have became the country it is today and this is why it is important to study this first issue in Canadian history. The second event in Canadian history that is important to study is the Canadian Bill Of Rights. The Canadian bill of rights was the rights brought to action by John

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