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History Their name says it all. And it so happens that Arthur and Perseveranda S. Abcede are no strangers to hard work. Being childhood sweethearts, Arthur and Percy got married at an early age. But this motivated them to succeed in business simply by rolling up their sleeves and buckling down to work. In 1984, the couple used the cash gifts they got at their wedding to up a business. After three years, the couple established a pig farm to augment income they were generating from their other business, a small poultry-agri supply store. But because of the low farm gate price of pigs prevailing at the time, Percy and her husband decided to put up a meat shop to sell fresh pork meat in 1999. That meat shop opened doors to fortune. It was then that the couple started to sell their now famous version of “Lucban longganisa”. Taking her wealth of recipes she learned from her Lola Blesilda, Percy begin to churn out meat products culled from the couple’s pif farm, particularly the native sausages for which Lucban became famous. But the culinary legacy of Percy’s grandmother and the couple’s sharp business sense were not enough to take them where they wanted to go the market abroad. They had to seek help. And help came from ITPCH. The center provided the couple the necessary knowledge with which to improve their products and expand their business. In 2000, they thought of using artificial insemination on their livestock. ITCPH was recommended. Later, they came to know that the Center was also offering a course on meat processing. Since they were also planning to process more meat products, they decided that someone should attend the course. Percy’s interests far from waned when she took the course, cramming in five days all that there was to know about meat processing. She says that the training equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to

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