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TULSA COMMUNITY COLLEGE COURSE SYLLABUS Instructor: Darrell Alexander E-Mail: chessfan@cox.net American History pre-European contact to 1877 January 12th - May 8th, Spring 2009 History 1483-309 Call Number 34350 M 1:00pm – 3:50PM Room Number SE 1227 Catalog Description A general presentation of United States history, commencing with the European background and first discoveries. The pattern of exploration, settlement, and development of institutions is followed throughout the colonial period and the early national experience to Civil War era. Lecture 3 hours. No Laboratory. Course Objectives 1. To identify and understand the basic historical events and issues of the U.S. before 1877. 2. To familiarize oneself with current social, political and economic events and issues and discover their origins and development throughout history. 3. To increase one’s ability to analyze and apply concepts in U.S. history to our modern world. 4. To gain an understanding of and an appreciation for our historical “roots” to assist in our growth as individuals an as citizens. Textbook American History, Volume I: To 1877, 12th edition, by Alan Brinkley Teaching Methods This course is primarily text lecture, and class discussion. Students are expected to complete reading assignments and review notes from lectures and class discussions. This is to be done before class, in order to be prepared to coherently participate in class discussions, exams, and writing activities. Disabilities If you feel that you have a disability and need special accommodations, please tell me at the end of the first class meeting you attend. TCC Resource Center can make arrangements for equipment and services to assist students with a variety of disabilities. Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty by a student will result in an automatic “F”,

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