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General Assignment #4 The class of government and politics is a good class. Having all the work on blackboard and lecture in class is good. We have a lot of resources to do what we have to do. A lot of these things should remain the same, but there are a few things that should change. The class should have debates on where we stand on a particular issue. For example, the issue of gun control in America. Another thing is chapters that I have trouble with and understanding. Some areas should be elaborated in context to our exams and quizzes. The class is a good class to be a part of and a great learning environment to better understand government and politics. There are a lot of issues evolving in our country on the part of our government. President Obama is better at going into war then having a good healthcare provided to the citizens of the United States of America. I would have liked to talk about how politics reflect on our lives. A simple bill can change how families go about their everyday lives. A poor family could end up homeless, or a wealthy family could lose their profit margin. Politics can have a huge impact on low income families. It can make things more difficult for them. The class provides information and the ability to learn what and who control our government. The government is full of it but hey we put them in the position that they stand by voting for

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