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Hey…..Hey you…Yes you who else? Have you ever wanted to vote? Did you ever wonder if you were old enough to vote or something like that? Well I’m going to you the entire all the rulers like kings and queens, who were born into the throne. Today we use a different system in the United States. Community members who owe loyalty to the government and are entitled to its protection or citizen have a right to choose or vote for their leaders. It is one of our rights. Casting a vote is the core of American citizenship. Some say casting a vote for the first time is exciting and feels even greater than getting your drivers license. But I think some people feel that way because they are making a difference in the world by feeling out that ballot for the first time. Did you know that the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal”. I know what you’re thinking everyone has a different personality and different race and skin color; but what this means is no matter what race or skin color we all are to be treated the same. This principle although has not always been achieved. In the early years ,our country’s’ suffrage was only welcome to small groups of people, like white males and a few countries African American males too. However only, white, male landowners were allowed to vote. Through the years, suffrage has expanded. At one time white males who couldn’t buy property, all women African American males, Native males and people under 21 couldn’t vote but now can. What about the expansion of voting rights; you may ask. Well the expansion of voting rights accomplished largely by adding amendments to our Constitution. The first step began in 1870, requirements you need to vote and some of voting’s history. For most of history, the vast majority of people never had a chance to choose their rulers. Instead, they lived under powerful after the Civil

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