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Running head: THE MAN WHO IS CARAVAGGIO The Man Who Is Caravaggio Abstract The purpose of this research is to inform students about a famous painter named Caravaggio. Caravaggio is an artist from the Baroque time period of art. The first part of the research involves his story; answering where he was born, general information, and place of death. The final part of the research involves primary type, materials used, effect of other artist, and images. Our overall approach was to give the reader the effect of historical art. This research will provide valuable information regarding the biogeography of Caravaggio and the role of artwork in the fifteenth century through the seventeenth century. The Man Who Is Caravaggio Baroque Art was a Catholic Art movement raised in Italy. It focuses on movement, realism, individual models, the Catholic Church, and dramatic light and shadow. It started in the late fifteenth century and lasted until the seventeeth century. There were multiple structures including sculptures, architecture, and mainly paintings. Many ideas from the time period moved on to the Renaissance period to expand even further. Story Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was born on September 29, 1571. He was raised in Milan, Italy. There were multiple names that family and groups of people had for Caravaggio. Robb P. (2000) mentions “Many modern people who had known him called him Amerigi. The second rake called him Merigi. When he was one year old and five years old his father’s name was recorded as Merici and then Morisi. In Roman court documents, the painter himself was called Merisio.” We never recognized the different names until later in time. M had a rough life. He had no education towards school; always getting angry. He wanted to work alone, no assistances. Caravaggio learned how to paint in Italy. Robb P. (2000) mentioned

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