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The Chicano Movement of the 1960s was a political and social movement aimed towards the empowerment of Mexican-Americans in United States. It addressed issues involving Mexican-Americans discrimination such as inadequate political representation, racial discrimination, and educational inequality. The Movement was connected to a sense of resentment that started since the Mexican-American War. It gained even more momentum because of the African-American Civil Rights Movement that was already taking place in the 1960s. This was due to Mexican-Americans witnessing the struggles that African-Americans were making to attain equality and freedom. Mexican-Americans could relate to the African-American cause because they were going through the same struggles. The movement was seen as a path to end racism and negative stereotypes towards Mexican-Americans. In the United States Mexican-Americans were confined to low paying jobs and discrimination. They wanted to stop being a silent minority. They made organizations in different sectors like the political and education field, but mainly it increased cultural pride. Mexican-Americans started forming protests and rallies to make a statement that they were proud of their national roots. Students especially raised their voice when it came to opposing discrimination and oppression in school and universities. However, the most unique form of activism that the Chicano Movement created was the musical activism that voiced the Mexican-American cultural pride. Before the 1960s, many Mexican-American bands were pressured into singing songs only in English to be socially accepted and attain some radio airplay in the United States. However, after the Chicano Movement many artists and bands found a way to incorporate American mainstream music with Mexican-American music that embraced their cultural heritage. Music of the

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