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CONQUEST AND ESTABLISHMENT OF BRITISH POWER. What was happening in Europe? * European politics was greatly affected by the Spanish control of the Caribbean in the 16th century. * Most Europeans therefore knew about the Spanish colonization of the Caribbean and they were not prepared to allow the Spanish to have exclusive rights to New World wealth. * They objected to all papal bulls that allowed Spanish control. They also realized that if the Spanish were not stopped, in time, Spain might become the most fearsome force in Europe. * They therefore decided to do something about it, mainly through the activities of the male adventurers, pirates and colonizers. * The Spanish monopoly in the Caribbean was therefore being attacked. * The English, French and Dutch consistently attacked the Spanish trade and settlements. The mid-17th century, English and French colonies had overtaken the Spanish colonies in trade, wealth and population. * Spain’s monopoly existed in theory only. European nations competed with each other for positions in the Caribbean. The Dutch, French and English formed an alliance against the Spanish, and secured their own share of the Caribbean. What was happening in Trinidad? * After the Cedula of Population, Trinidad saw an influx of mostly French planters who came with their families and their African slaves. * It should be noted that there were both white and mixed Frenchmen (European and African). * Some Africans were brought directly from Africa on slaving ships as well. * In 1784, there were 2550 free people (white and colored), 2462 African slaves and 1500 Amerindians. * By 1797, there were 2151 whites, 4476 free coloreds, 10,000 African slaves and 1000 Amerindians. February 18, 1797 – Britain captured Trinidad from Spain. * 300 years of Spanish rule ended in 1797. The British effected

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