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Max Han Mr. Munhofen 9/24/12 The environment from which ancient human societies and civilizations emerged played an important role in the development of the natives. In 221 B.C.E. in China Shihuangdi led his state Qin Empire to attack other state, he wants to unify China. The most important thing is he just used ten years to unified china. He and his army over come all the state in china. Why he don’t need for centuries, because we just need to restored something old. First we have already got a empire, but is just splitting to lots of states, the only thing he need to do, is just find a way to let them unify. So we are faster than Roman Empire. He let china unify so there are no war and fight in china, so it’s let people alive well. But his way to supervise the country is very cruel. If someone don’t abide his rules will get harsh punishments. Or kill all you family member and burned all the books in your house. It is an effective way to reinforce Qin Empire to reinforce their thought and is useful to make Language and thought unify. Because he burned the book, will be finished the culture of this state. So it will let all the people in china speak Qin’s language and Qin’s culture. After that shihuangdi unified the currency,length,capacity and weight. It let all the people in china all use the same units, easy to buy something and sell something, easy to some dealing. It let people’s life more easy. They don’t have some problem on character and some other units. This is the good thing which shihuangdi did. Except this, all the things he did are really bad for his people. At 214 B.C.E. shihuangdi want to cemented his reign. So he let people who strong and young people to build the great wall there are lots of people dead at there. And there are no people to farmland, they are all go to build the great wall. So they don’t have food to eat,

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