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Alysa Evans Mrs. Featherby English 12 Pd: 2 4 March 2011 Partial Birth Abortions, What is the Outcome? What are partial-birth abortions? Why do women have them? What is the baby’s reaction? Should they or should they not be banned? What are the health problems and emotional effects that impact women who chose to have a late term abortion? In January 2011, Maryclaire Dale, from the Associated Press, wrote an article to ABC News about women in Philadelphia who have been left sickly or near death which shows partial-birth abortions, along with regular abortions are harmful to not only the baby but also the mother. In 2001, Davida Johnson, age21, stepped into Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic to have an abortion, she saw dazed women sitting in dirty, bloodstained recliners (Dale 1). After Johnson witnessed this, she decided to tell Dr. Gosnell that she did not want to continue this process; he then smacked her and forced her to continue by tying her down and giving her more medication. After having to pay 400 dollars to Gosnell, Johnson blames him for having gynecological problems, a venereal disease, and four miscarriages as well. The main global promoters of abortion, Planned Parenthood, show no interest in authentic women’s health; their main goal is to influence young women in having an abortion. Breast cancer, uterine perforation, and placenta previs are just a few other health risks women face when having an abortion ("Abortion Risks"). Dr. Gosnell has been accused and charged for killing seven babies born along with 41-year-old refugee who Gosnell also killed after a botched abortion (Dale). Some people feel that abortions should be legal because it is the women’s choice to do what they please especially if the women was raped or is single, they do not always think of the other options that are available. Many studies and stories show that

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