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The articles of this book were written in a matter of approximately four years which are among the most important years of history. They are the years that followed the World War and in which all the amazing political and economic developments occurred. In this short matter of time, the strongest nations went down and those who were never wanted nor expected to rise rose. Kings were taken off their thrones, new ministries were developed, and the greatest autocracy in the world turned to the greatest socialist republican. These changes are a clear evidence of a deep slow but certain change in the world. Who knows whether we are not on the doors of a new era in which we grant the wishes and dreams of the prophets, poets and philosophers? But what we certainly know is that how fast this era will come depends on the situations of each person in life. For those who believe in the golden dreams of those prophets, poets and philosophers, as much as they believe in them, it’ll help them establish them, and as for those who don’t believe in them, they are like barriers in the way of establishing them. The world we live in is actually the world we believe in, the world we build from our hopes, wishes and souls. World peace and the nations’ association that depend on justice are just dreams. But are dreams that we should fulfill rather than being sarcastic about them. These articles are justifications for these dreams that the writer thinks they’ll come true just because they are right. As for my word for the people of my country, it is a word of encouragement for keeping on striving for freedom and independency not by violence, but rather by reform and literal resistance; a free man can’t be enslaved and no one can take that freedom from him. In our hands, we have a weapon that no enemy can overtake which is our strong souls. Our ancestors have taught us how to

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