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In the 1700s, Europeans saw numerous opportunities in the New World. They envisioned the colonization as a chance for them to live a free and prosperous life, but, in reality, the American colonists faced many setbacks. The tension between Great Britain and the New England colonies led to American Revolution. In Transcript of Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson acknowledged how the act of force was a rational option in order to obtain liberty from Great Britain; however, in The Rise and Fall of the Newburgh Conspiracy, George Marshall depicted how there is a more reasonable alternative to resolving problems within the new independent country. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson explained how governments should not be overthrown for petty reasons, but he believed the King of Great Britain had taken the situation too far. The New England economy was growing, and the colonist gradually began to think and act independently from England. Therefore, England initiated Parliament to establish power by issuing a series of taxes and regulations. The colonists were displeased and recruited an army known as the Continental Army. The unfair taxes, intolerable acts, and other usurpations were unethical. Jefferson wrote, “All men are created equal and there are certain unalienable rights that governments should never violate.” The transcript listed out many specific problems with King George’s orders. The colonist tried to reach a peaceful reconciliation with Great Britain, but they were continually ignored. After these attempts, colonists have no choice but to declare independence. Obviously, Great Britain disagreed, and, therefore, the only effective option was an act of force from the Continental Army. In Marshall’s document on the Newburgh conspiracy, he discusses how the end of the Revolutionary war led to another problem within the independent

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