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Lizzy Long 1)After rocky beginning,success finally rewarded the exertion of France in the New world.In 1608 France established the beginning of a vast empire in Canada when they founded the city of Quebec on the St.Lawrence River. 2)In 1754 the government of Virginia ushered George Washington , a twenty-one year old Virginian,onto the stage of history.He was sent to the Ohio country as a lieutenant colonel in command of about 150 Virginian militiamen.Encountering a small detachment of French troops in the forest about forty miles from Fort Duquesne,the fired the first shots of the French and Indian War.(also known as the Seven Year War) In 1755 the English sent General Baddock, with a strong detachment of British regulars.to move west and take Ft.Duquesene. 4)Was he successful in this task? Answer:Nope ,he wasn’t at all,he himself was wounded in the battle following the first one. 5)Who was the well known Amercian officer that went along as his aid? Homework for Chapter 7 What were the two main reasons colonists left England and came to the New World? Answer:One of the main reasons is that the New World presented people with an opportunity to earn a decent living and perhaps even to become wealthy. Mercantilists wanted to possess more colonies to possess more wealth. Another reason that people traveled to the New World was to acquire land. What was the only colony planted by England? Answer:Georgia How were the other twelve planted and financed? Anwser: They were founded by trading companies,religious groups,or land speculators. Explain mercantilism. Answer:Mercanteilism is about possessing more wealth,because wealth was power and that a country’s economic wealth would quite often be measured by how much gold or silver was stored in its national treasury. What was the purpose of the Navigation Law of 1650? Anwser: To

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