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Kayrn Alise Mrs. McGillicudy Government- 02 24 September 2012 RNC Speech: Rick Santorum Good morning friends, family, to my wife Karen, and my 93 year old grand-mother from Florida. And how can I not forget the great state of Pennsylvania. It is truly an honor to be here with you this morning. As I began to think about my grandfather, who worked so tirelessly at a coal mine until the age of 72, I realized that he struggled to work for the American dream. In 1920, there was no welfare. He took responsibility for himself, worked hard to provide for his family, thus obtaining the American dream. I am sad to say my friends that we live in a nation of dependency with more than 50 percent of Americans living off of welfare under the leadership of President Obama. With the era of dependency, families are not realizing the American dream and parents are scared that their child won’t realize there’s Five trillion dollars, five trillion dollars. That is how much President Obama alone has spent and borrowed in the past four years. And what is there to show for, a tremendous amount of debt, retard job growth, and millions still stagnant at unemployment. His plan did not work for Americans the first time; it sure will not work for a second term. As Americans, we believe that in order to successful that we must work hard to achieve our God-given potential. What we believe, works for our nation. There are three steps on the ladder of success would almost guarantee that you will not end up in poverty , in fact by achieving these three things would put you at a probability of two percent chance of being in poverty. Working hard, obtaining a high school diploma, and marrying before having children. If not, you my friend are 38 percent more likely to be poor and end up in poverty. America relies on a strong family, which is the backbone of our nation. Yes, I accredit the

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