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PART 1 “What was the impact of Nazi ideology on young people in Nazi-controlled Europe from 1933-1945?” The Nazi policies that were used towards children were viewed as the most affective. “The Nazis took advantage of the need for German youth groups and used what teenagers wanted to slip in Nazi ideals; they took over the education system to portray Nazi views, and used the school system to glorify war.” The Hitler Youth group played a major role in Nazi control of youths especially in 1939 when it became compulsory to attend. The Nazis created group activities such as hiking, camping, singing and added marching as an extra activity. In the marching they would learn about Nazi policies and they would practise military exercises. They made these activities legal and compulsory for the German youth. Children had no choice, because other organisations were shut down and made illegal. The Nazis wanted to control every aspect of the German youth and they realised that education played a very important role. They changed textbooks by including Nazi History artefacts and Nazi views of History. After the signing of the Treaty of Versailles the previous government was seen as unjust to the German people. The students were told that the Jews caused what happed and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. There was a new subject called “Military studies”. In this subject students would learn about the art of war. The National Socialist party made sure they had to study race and ideology every day. Since the Nazis wanted to control each aspect of the children’s lives they realised that it was necessary to control a child’s home or family. In most cases children were isolated from families. It became common in Germany for Kids to become pro-Nazis than their parents. This was because the children grew up under the Nazi control and they found what they were doing as a

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