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Sang Mi Suh Ms. Klimke Period 6/ AP World History September 29, 2009 What is Civilization? When our ancestors adopted agriculture instead of hunting and gathering, societies that only had about 30-50 people became larger and more complicated and became civilizations. Civilization is a complex society characterized by dependence upon agriculture, state form of government, occupational specialization, population, and class stratification. There are many requirements civilization needs to make itself a great and successful civilization. The most important out of all is population. Before our ancestors adopted agriculture, they were hunters and gatherers. They always stayed in little groups, mostly 30-50 people, because the larger the group was, it was harder to get food for everyone. But after the switch to agriculture, our ancestors were able to feed hundreds and thousands of people because agriculture made thousand times more food than hunting animals and gathering plants. And because they had so much food, they were able to concentrate on other important jobs such as craftsmen, governor, and etc., which made it possible for them to create stronger weapons, jewelry, temples, ships, wheels, and many more that helped their country get more powerful and rich. Once they were more powerful and rich than other civilizations, they became the best. Population is really important to make a successful civilization because more people meant more items, which eventually leads to more money and power for the civilization. But having a lot of people in a civilization isn’t always that good because there are limited numbers of jobs available and over-crowding can cause mass unemployment of people. This is when the government comes in to control the civilization and make it a more successful place. Every civilization needs a government to represent them as a whole

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