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Twenty firth century’s generation needs a modern structure of Australian constitution. The constitution can be changed only by referendum and of the 44 attempts for constitutional reform in Australia, only eight have been successful. This number of attempts to modernise Australia's constitution during last decade’s states that there are essential requirements to add many subjects and change some clauses. On the other hand, according to (Stone 2000:194), there is a striking lack of knowledge amongst the Australian people regarding the nature and role of the Constitution in today’s society. This could be a result of old literature of Australian constitution written more than one hundred years ago. The founding fathers’ vocabulary was different at that time and it is not the same language that people use today. The constitution might have been expressed clear enough for the nineteenth century when it has been drafted, but certainly not for twenty first century when everything should be as simple as possible. Therefore, people are afraid of changing the constitution due to the fact that they might change or set a rule that they are not completely definite about the background and intention and they possibly make it worth than before. They refer to this old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." However, it is necessary to completely understand different aspects of a fundamental subject, before being able to decide whether it should be changed and reformed or be left as it is. Being short and easy to read, will encourage Australian people of this day to start learning about the Constitution and when there is a need for a change, they will support the government more consciously. It is important for a constitution to reflect the society that it operates within, and without a suitable structure, this reflection cannot be

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