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Actually, for the sake of brilliant and outstanding future, human beings have been improving both in physical and mental respects in the process of evolution and development. Either involving in the process of evolution, or having already known of the outcomes and experiences of certain historical events, the living confused by the extrinsic trifles and would thus generate an illusion that they are unique in history. Such phenomenon mostly stems from the absence of understanding causes and essential issues of the historical incidents. In other words, realizing the pith of history--not merely where, but also why and how those affairs took place, human beings consequently could be able to discover the truth hidden behind one thing, and better acquaint themselves of the human nature, social trends, and objective rules. Revealing truth and passing on thoughts, the study of history, a straightforward approach to the point, eternal and immortal as it is, urges people to finding out the essential features of history, and thus helps them break down the hallucination. Revealing truth, as one of the most pivotal functions of the study of history, provides clear cause-effect relationships of historical events and vivid images of the lives of people in the past to the ones alive. Data from the past must serve as our most vital evidence in the unavoidable quest to figure out why our complex species behaves as it does in societal settings. Through the research, people could compare their lives with their forebear's and thus find out that though there are a myriad of differences existing in living standard, world view, literature, characters, and so on, the fundamental behavior such as writing, singing, talking, breathing, never changed. Admittedly, distancing by times and misleading by the improving human beings committed to would hallucinate people that they and their

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