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Women’s Rights through History His204: American History Since 1865 June 13, 2011 Women’s Rights Through History Women’s rights are something that has been ongoing since people can remember. Whether it was voting or being able to work and have custody of children, the issues have always been there. The roles of women have changed throughout time to include many notable events, including the introduction of the nineteenth amendment, and coming together of many women’s organizations. Without these past events the women of today’s society would not have the freedoms or jobs that they do. The introduction of the nineteenth amendment was one of the most important events to happen during the later part of the nineteenth century. It was in February of the year 1869 when the fifteenth was introduced to the Constitution (Schamel, Haverkamp, Robb, & Harper, 1995). It is my opinion that this amendment was the stepping stone for getting the nineteenth, which was the important one for the female gender, passed. However, even with the possible passing of the amendment males were still thinking of how it could benefit them; perhaps how women would side with what issues should they be allowed to vote (Campell, Granberg, McCammon, & Mowery, 2001, pp. 55-56). In May of 1869 a group was formed to help push or pass the right for woman to vote. That group was or is referred to as the NWSA or the National Woman Suffrage Association (Schamel, Haverkamp, Robb, & Harper, 1995). It was formed from the woman’s movement being divided due to difference of opinions (Schamel, Haverkamp, Robb, & Harper, 1995). The National Woman Suffrage Association expanded their platform to include not only getting the amendment passed but to include other issues as well (Schamel, Haverkamp, Robb, & Harper, 1995). These issues were ranging from the unionization of woman workers

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