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Angelo Spaccarelli Stephen Beluris Western Civilization MO1B 5/9/11 The geographic location that we decided to start our new society was in Great Britain. We decided to go there, because they had a lot of factories, good farms, and they also had good communication with other countries for trade. There are plenty of opportunities for us to get jobs and support our families as well. The religion that we are going to use for our society is going to be Christianity, because it explains with detail what God wants forms and what God tells us to do to glorify Him. Also being a Christian it helps us become better human beings and it satisfies us/makes us feel good to do things for God which we know He will appreciate. Also we as a society like to know what will happen to us when we die…either we are going to heaven or hell. The political system that we are going to use for our society is going to be Communism. The reason we chose this system was that it equalizes the social conditions of life. It also contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property. This will also help us know what is going on in the community at all times. No one will own anything exclusively or privately. Its basically everyone will be equal. I am going to be the temporary leader until something happens. I think that I will resemble Adolf Hitler the most, because of my Communist views and the way I want the people to cooperate with me. The economic system that I am going to use is Socialism. The production of things will be carried out directly to satisfy the economic demand by producing goods and services for use. the means of production are going to be either publicly owned or owned by the workers cooperatively. This system is based on the management of capital accumulation, but it wants to ensure the stability and equality/expand the decision

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