History 1851 Essay

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elvisrr Objective 1 Why do people invent new technology? Have those reasons changed in the modern period? to make a product better and make more money. Why would some people oppose railroads as a new form of transportation? Why would they oppose new forms of transportation in general? because the only road of transportation was on sea and with that railroad their bussiness would go to the drain. Objective 2 How do growing businesses and new technology of today continue to affect the economy? New technology allows companies to produce their goods or perform a service more efficiently. It saves a lot of money and gives a cost edge against other competitors. This leads to lower prices for consumers. Objective 3 What kind of problems do you think you would face if you were a woman working in a textile mill (making clothing)? If i worked in a textile factory, i faced long hours, poor pay, bad working conditions, dangerous machines and no unions to protect our rights. If i got injured or sick, or had a baby, i lost my job. Why were immigrants not always welcome in the United States? How have views toward immigrants in America changed over time? they were not welcome, because they would still our jobs for a low wage. from then and now the immigrants situation has changed a lot allowing them to come and work most in farms, out of the city, because now without papers you do not get a job. Objective 4 How did the cotton gin change the cotton industry? it changed it making it faster and easy to do the job. easily separates the cotton fibers from the seedpods and sometimes sticky seeds a job done by workers. Objective 5 What do you think the South was like before the Civil War? Draw a picture that represents a typical Southern scene.
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