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By the eve of the Revolution, colonists had gained a sense of unity and identity as Americans. There were many things the colonist’s mother country of England did to them that angered or upset them. In order for the colonists to start living the way they wanted, and break free of unfair treatment they had to come together to make changes. They had to break free from the unfair treatment of England. Between 1764 and 1765 England started taxing colonists for almost everything. They came up with the Sugar Act, Currency Act, Quartering Act and the one that raised the most commotion, the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act forced the colonies to pay a fee to get their legal papers transferred to a specific document in England that says you are legally married, divorced, etc. This raised lots of anger in the colonists because at that point they felt as if England was just taxing them for everything. Due to this anger within the colonies, the Stamp Act crisis came to play. Colonies came together to form groups such as the Sons of Liberty to go around and burn down people’s houses who were collecting all of their tax money. The colonists had to unify and go fight for what they believed in, and due to their effort the Stamp Act was eventually repealed. The Tea Act of 1773 raised a huge uproar throughout the colonies. England taxed colonies on the tea that they drank. Due to the colonists anger a bunch of drunken white guys dressed up like Native Americans and dumped 18,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor. For one of the first times the colonists came together and acted against what they believed in. This lead to the British troops being sent into Boston to watch over things and make sure nothing else like that happens. When the Patriots (colonists) heard about the British coming they went to Boston. They began throwing snowballs and that eventually lead to shootings

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