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Historiography Essay

  • Submitted by: spenc3r
  • on December 8, 2011
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Historiography Essay
        History is the entirety of all events to occur in the past, and with changing cultures and peoples, chapters are always being added to our world’s history.   The ways historians write down history is known as historiography, and solely relies on what the historian or author writes down on paper.   However, because of the various biases and dates in which the history was written, the past may appear different than it actually was, or in turn history can change. All though this change has been tried to be kept to a bare minimum, no historian can avoid leaving their mark on written history.   To sum it all up, historiography has changed and developed over time.   It has changed through its biases, authors, and content.
          Historiography, in part, is made through biased information known by the historian or author.   One way the history of a time period could be biased is by what religion was being practiced at the time.   For example, during the 4th century early Christians had begun to spread throughout the Roman Empire and Roman influence took over part of their writing of history.   This influence introduced new subjects and approaches to history.   Eusebius of Caesarea even wrote an ecclesiastical history of the church form its origins starting with persecution and martyrdom, to the triumphs of his own day.   This new type of history completely ignored the original restrictions of religious subjects and styles within historical writings.   Another way history could be biased is if the history was written during or immediately after a war.   Then the writings of historical documents could be bent towards the side of which the historian or author sided with during the war.   An example would be during the Middle Ages throughout the Crusades and the Hundred Years’ War. Jean do Joinville recorded the acts and deeds of his king, Louis IX of France during the Crusades.   Additionally, Jean Froissart wrote of the exploits of French and...

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