Historical Systems of Power and Goverence Essay

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GKE1 Task 3, Historical Systems of Power and Authority Part A The rise of colonialism in North America occurred in the 1600’s by the British. Britain had sent to North America, colonists which were to establish new settlements in the name of the crown and Britain. Most of the colonists were privately funded with endorsement by the British government. The Idea of colonization was to establish settlements for the purpose of expanding a trade base for economic purposes. Britain colonized North America basically because they had a limited amount of land and natural resources, North America presented a great opportunity to expand their land holdings and create a source for raw materials. Britain still considered the colonists to be British citizens and therefore were expected to abide by rules and laws established by Britain for the colonists. Britain exerted tight control of the colonists through laws and acts that were specifically designed for the benefit of Britain. The needs of Britain were always put first before the needs of the colonists. Acts and taxes were put in place as a means to control trade and make sure that monetary items were received by Britain. The economic cycle was one of Britain obtained raw materials cheaply from the colonies, the goods were finished in England and sold back to the colonists for large profits. The colonies in North America were strictly established for the economic benefit of Britain. Also there was great prestige in this era that came from global expansion. (“British Colonization of the Americas” n.d.) Part A1 The indigenous people of North America reacted initially with skepticism and reluctant acceptance. The acceptance eventually turned into rebellion, skirmishes and all-out war, when they realized that that the Colonists were there to only rape their land with a never ending campaign to advance their

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